Breaking News! WordPress Websites Going Up in Price By More Than 284% in 2019

Did you get your email telling you about WordPress going up in price in 2019 by over 284%?

I did.

Here is what they sent me…


We are writing to tell you about an important change to your subscription plan that’s coming soon. As of December 19, 2018, plans will no longer include a free domain credit for renewals.

Your site, the tools, and benefits you get from your plan will remain unchanged. This policy change only impacts your domain registration.

We’re giving you this advance notice, before the change takes place, and also offering you a limited-time chance to renew your plan now (and get your domain free for another year).

This domain credit change will take effect on your next billing date and you will be charged $26 for your domain…………………….. and $48 for your Personal plan.

Offer Valid Till December 18, 2018
For a limited time, you can lock in your existing renewal price of $48 for your Personal plan, which includes both a plan and a custom domain name for one more year, instead of paying the additional $26.

Renew Now

If you have any questions, our Happiness Engineers will be happy to assist you.

WordPress.​com Team”

The problem I have with this is…

WordPress websites are going up in price more than 284% in 2019.

Last year I paid $26

Next year =$48+$26= $74

Even with the discount of $26, I still had to pay $48 dollars for each website and I have 3 websites, 

Being the author of four books…This is the site I give away my Free trial Audiobooks.

This is the site where we sell professional and organic beauty products to regular people.

This site we sell fun new toys for teens and adults.

So, right before the holidays I had to pay WordPress $144 in order to save $78 in 2019.

Is it time to say good-bye to

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