EvasBookStore ~ 30 Yea Or Nays To 2019 Fashion Trends?

Fashionistas 2019 New York Spring collection fashion trends that captured our attention. Let’s take a look at what the sensation is all about. From the neon hair colors in the hair and face to the Real flower adornments in the hair. Yellows and blues, purples and oranges. This is the Yeas and Nays of next years high fashion. See if you agree with our opinion…

Which one of these 30 looks will you be wearing next year?



Yea and love the real live flowers in the hair.








Yea love the pretty orange liner on the eyes!








Nay to the same liner on this models eyes. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.








Nay to the pink colored lashes. It does nothing to enhance her beautiful eyes.






Nay to this lash color also. Maybe if she had some dramatic eye shadow. But the pink lashes alone is a weak consent.







Nay to the blue shadow. There would have to be way more going on with her face in order to pull this color off.







Yea to the orange lips. This look enhances her face with a playful look.







Yea to the green eye shadow. Soft but elegant.








Nay to the same eye shadow color.








Yea to the pink eye liner shade. With the pink on her cheeks this model pulls it off.







Yea to this twin summer look with the googles and the copy-cat eyes.





Nay to the blonde with the yellow eyes.








Nay to the makeup but

yea to the hair!






Yea to this color all the way. It suites her perfectly.








Yea to her soft yellow eye shadow.









Nay, Nay, Nay!!







Nay to this boring look.








Nay to these twins. Maybe they are still getting ready for the runway still in their robes?





Yea to the hair piece added to her hair.








Nay to her eye shadow. It looks like someone forgot to blend off of the colors together for her.

Yea for the extensions added to her hair.







Yea to the strip of yellow added to her hair.








Yea to the purple hair piece but Nay to that lip color.








Yea to the french twist with the ponytail.








Yea to the pink buzzed hair. Very pretty.








Yea to the Neon orange colored hair.






Yea to the 70s flower power in her hair.








Nay for the Palm tree growing out of his head.








Yea for the green foliage added to his hair.





Yea for the pretty pink flowers on her head and

yea for her make up too.







Yea for the fern and the flower in her hair.

Nay for the bra that doesn’t fit her.







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