6 tips to Writing A Book with A Friend

The best way to write a book with a friend is to have a plan, a map so to speak. Talk about everything before you begin the story. Have meetings often.

  1. Think of your genre ~ That is the first thing. What category to you want the book to be written in?
  2. Develop the story line ~ The way my friend and I did this was by having a monthly meeting as to how we wanted the beginning, middle and end of the story to be. We decided together who we wanted to kill off and which way the plot would turn.
  3. Give the book a title ~ The title should reflect the story you are writing about so that people will understand the story they will be reading.
  4. Decide who will start the book ~ When my friend and I finished our first planning meeting, I was so excited to start the book.
  5. Making compromises ~ Just know that you will not always agree where the plot is going.
  6. Decide who will manage the book ~ Someone has to be the main manager..
  7. As to who will publish the book?
  8. Who will market the book?
  9. Setting a budget for the marketing.
  10. Whose bank account will the money go into. Will you have a joint account.

We wrote the book for fun. The way we decided to handle the writing was this.

I started the book. When I ran out of ideas, I emailed my friend the book and then it was her turn to write. I had no idea what she was writing about until I received it a week later. Then it was again my turn to write the book. The rule was. Once it was written there was no going back. You had to always continue from where it was left off. Sometimes she was mad at me, and sometimes I paced the floor after she returned the book to me. But in the end, we ended with a fabulous story. We were both lucky that our writing skills were about even.

Right now, this book is in the final editing stage and will be soon released.

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Update. The book is now available on this site

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