Chapter 1 Writing The First Chapter Of Modified 2099

Writing my first words down on paper was the most thrilling thing me as a brand-new author could do for the first chapter. The mind was filled with possibilities. A professional writer advised me to just “throw up on the page and edit it later.” And that’s just what I did. What you see below is the book’s edited version of course. This is not what it looked like when I first jotted the words. “Coming out from the darkness, the haze heavy like ringlets of fog, her mind ever-circling the distance of present. “  WoW… I wrote that!! And then it just wouldn’t stop. The story became clearer with each letter I pressed on the paper.


Coming out from the darkness, the haze heavy like ringlets of fog, her mind ever-circling the distance of present. Was she there or was she not? The surface below her cold and damp. She felt no edges as she wiggled her hands and feet on the bed below her; she only felt a smooth, frigid surface that she found herself laying on. Her mind not clear, she felt slightly drugged. Where was she? What was she doing there? How did she get there? Her mind fearfully raced faster and faster trying to figure out her situation, as her body awoke from a deep groggy sleep.

She tried to get up, but she could not. She felt her body bound with thick strong leather straps. Her chest and knees would not budge. As much as she tried, her struggles were useless. What is going on? Her mind shouted with dread. She propped her head up as far as she could and looked around. She realized she was lying on a slippery steel examination bed unable to move her body. The futuristic table felt as if it was floating in the air. A candlelight flickered in the far corner of the dim room and shed light on some implements Anna did not recognize. Only a slight humming, whooshing and swishing of wind cut through the eerie silence surrounding her.

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